Reasons to Give

Your contribution to Gage County United Way stays local.

The donation that you supply through the campaign stays right here in our community. Last year the agencies served over 18,000 Gage County residents. 

Agencies are held accountable for the money they receive from your contributions. 

Each agency who receives funding for its programs must submit a quarterly report describing how United Way funds were spent during the previous quarter.

Funding decisions are made by people like you.

People from the Gage County United Way board volunteer their time and talent to review the partner agencies budget report and help make recommendations to determine the agencies allocations. 

Your contribution impacts people who live and work in Gage County.

The money raised through Gage County United Way impacts the entire community, not just one issue, one service, or just one certain population.

Our goal is to:
  • Strengthen Children and Families
  • Assist the Elderly
  • Foster Health and Independence
  • Meet Basic Needs

Administrative Fees are Kept Low.

Gage County United Way employs one very part-time person. The boards, as well as all campaign workers, are volunteers. Administrative costs make up approximately 10% of our budget, meaning 90% goes directly to the agencies! Additionally, out of all administrative costs, only 1% goes to United Way Worldwide. All supplies and service are purchased at Gage County businesses.

You have the option to designate what agency or agencies you would like to support.

If you would like your contribution to go specifically to one of our agencies – we can do that!

They are allocated those funds – directly – right off the bat!